Complete the Personal Skills Award (Advanced)

The Personal Skills Award (PSA)(Advanced) enhances your PSA experience to provide further practice in developing, recognising and articulating your skills and to increase your confidence in real-world recruitment processes.

The PSA (Advanced) offers an interview assessment where you can practice your interview skills . You can aim for the PSA (Advanced) as soon as you enrol, you do not need to have completed the PSA (Foundation) or the PSA beforehand. 

Who should aim for the PSA (Advanced)

The PSA (Advanced) is for students who are actively involved in a multitude of activities and can earn a total of 250 PSA points. It's for any students who want to gain recognition for their exceptional commitment to professional development. 

By achieving the PSA (Advanced) you will be able to demonstrate to employers your exceptional commitment to developing your skills. 

How to achieve the PSA (Advanced) 

To aim for the PSA (Advanced) you will need to:

  • You must have completed the PSA Induction Course on Canvas, and submitted the online enrolment form.
  • Earn a total of 250 PSA points; you can earn points by getting involved in a combination of PSA opportunities
  • You will need to have completed any online courses by 8 December 2021 if you wish to use the points for this academic year, and you will also need to claim your points for any other activities with the PSA Team by that deadline. If you do not complete any of the online courses to which you are registered by the deadline for the current session, you can take the course again in the following year, but unfortunately you will lose your progress and be required to start from the beginning.
  • Complete the PSA Completion Course and attend a virtual PSA Completion Session on Canvas before 8 December 2021.
  • Successfully complete the PSA (Advanced) completion form - an online competency related application form based on the types of application forms you may encounter when making an application for a job. 
  • Submit the PSA Completion Form Assessment by 8 December 2021.
  • Complete the online Interview Preparation Canvas module via the PSA Completion Course. 
  • Complete the online PSA (Advanced) Interview Assessment by 23 February 2022. You will need to successfully pass this interview to achieve the PSA (Advanced).

Sophie Pain "I believe that one of the most helpful aspects of the PSA (Advanced) pathway was the final employer interview as it gave me the opportunity to experience a competency based interview. Undergoing the preparation for this interview allowed me to reflect on the skills and experiences I have gained through undertaking the Personal Skills Award and allowed me to articulate on everything I have accomplished whilst at university."

PSA Student of the Year 

Each year the PSA team, PSA employer supporters and Careers Network staff nominate PSA (Advanced) students for Student of the Year. If you would like to find out more, visit our PSA student of the year 2019 case studies.


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