Personal Skills Award (PSA) Completion Sessions

All PSA students intending to complete either the PSA or PSA (Advanced), during academic year 2019/20, are required to complete an Online Completion Session as well as attend a 2-hour Completion Session workshop during spring term 2020.

This session is designed to enable you to identify the skills you have developed through your extra-curricular activities; recognise how this impacts on your own employability; and articulate this effectively to employers in applications and interviews. It will also prepare you for completing the PSA assessment.

You must bring to the session a pre-prepared answer to ONE of the following questions: (Your answer should be no more than 300 words)

  • Give an example, from outside of your studies, of a time when you have successfully worked as part of a team.
  • Using an example from outside of your studies, tell us about a time when you have solved a difficult problem.

Please ensure you have completed the PSA Completion Session Online Component before attending this taught session. This is available on the PSA Canvas course.

Click on the session you would like to sign up to below. Once you are registered, you will be able to view the location of the event.

PSA Completion Session workshop listings


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