Commercial Awareness

This PSA taught module will introduce you to the concept of Commercial Awareness and provide practical techniques about how to be more commercially aware. 

About Commercial Awareness

Commercial awareness is one of the most sought-after skills by employers – but is often one of the things which graduates struggle to articulate effectively. In this course you will develop your understanding of what is actual meant by ‘commercial awareness’, and what employers are looking for you to demonstrate.

You will learn and apply some key techniques for developing your commercial awareness – both as part of ongoing personal development, and in preparation for interviews.

Working in small groups, you will be tasked with researching a sector or an organisation of your choice, and you will be required to create and deliver a group presentation, in order to demonstrate your commercial awareness in a professional and structured way.

In both your presentation and an individual written report, you will also be required to demonstrate your critical thinking and analytical skills, in considering how the wider political, economic, social, technological, legal or environmental (PESTLE) changes may impact on a commercial organisation.  

You will also learn how to answer common commercial awareness questions in an interview context, and will have an opportunity to put this skill into practice, and receive individual feedback on your interview answer.


The sessions will include:

  • What is meant by commercial awareness
  • Techniques for developing commercial awareness
  • Reflective practice and action planning in relation to commercial awareness
  • Articulating commercial awareness effectively

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module sessions you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of commercial awareness. 
  • Demonstrate an ability to use reflective practice techniques, and evaluate their own level of commercial awareness.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of some key techniques to developing commercial awareness.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply key techniques to developing commercial awareness, to research an organisation and identify key facts and information.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to a commercial context.
  • Demonstrate an ability to present commercial awareness and knowledge in a clear and professional way – both in presentation format and in answering interview questions.


  • 1 x group presentation 
  • 1 x individual video or audio presentation (answering a common commercial awareness question) 
  • 1 x individual written report – max 1,500 words 

Each PSA module will be marked as a pass or fail. You must meet the criteria to pass in order to complete the module and earn the 50 PSA points. PSA points will be automatically awarded upon completion. 



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