digITal Matters

This PSA taught module will enable you to develop your digital skills so that you can confidently embrace the digital technologies you will encounter during employment and life.

About digITal Matters 

We place a big emphasis on creativity, collaboration and fun within the module, and it will equip you to confidently use technologies you may encounter. You will be placed in small groups and given a group challenge to research and digitally showcase your ideas for a new product or service.

 Challenge groups will agree their idea for a new product or service, and – using a range of digital technologies – you will develop skills in creating, producing and sharing a series of digital outputs.

 Throughout the module you will be expected to reflect on and evidence all the digital skills that you develop via PebblePad.


The sessions will include:

  • Using digital tools to create and edit information
  • Using digital tools to upload and share information
  • Critically analysing technology to reflect on your learning

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module sessions you should be able to demonstrate:

  •  Skills in time-management, leadership, problem-solving and inclusive team-working, including the ability to interact with students from different academic disciplines and/or with different skills and interests.
  • The ability to produce and share an effective digital object in collaboration with others.
  • The ability to use and critically analyse technology to reflect on their learning.


  • 1 x peer assessment of individuals’ participation to challenge group
  • 1 x tutor assessment of final digital output(s)
  • 1 x e-portfolio (via PebblePad)

Each PSA module will be marked as a pass or fail. You must meet the criteria to pass in order to complete the module and earn the 50 PSA points. PSA points will be automatically awarded upon completion. 

Other Information

If you are interested in undertaking this module, but would prefer a Spring Term delivery, please contact the module team who will place you on a waiting list and contact you if there is sufficient interest in running the module twice. To avoid disappointment, we recommend joining the Autumn Term cohort if your timetable allows.


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