Effective Networking

This is an optional PSA online course and you will earn 20 PSA points for completing this course. 

Course Overview

Networking is about meeting people and making connections, and it is an important part of the graduate recruitment process, as well as an essential skill throughout any career. However, many people find it challenging, and don’t always make the most of networking opportunities.

This course will help you to build your confidence in networking situations, look at different types of networking opportunities, networking tools, and networking strategies… and will provide you with some top tips for networking your way to success!

This course is recommended to all students who want to enhance and develop their networking skills, whether you already have some experience and confidence, or whether you find networking quite a daunting aspect of employability!  

Learing Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of professional networking
  • Demonstrate an ability to develop a personal network map
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to undertake research for networking purposes
  • Demonstrate an ability to create a networking introduction/pitch
  • Demonstrate an ability to make appropriate decisions in a simulated professional networking scenario
  • Demonstrate an understanding of online networking etiquette
  • Demonstrate an ability to use action-planning techniques for developing networking skills


You can enrol directly onto the PSA Effective Networking course. 

Enrolling onto an online course will not enrol you onto the Personal Skills Award full programme.   

If you are interested in this topic and have no intention of enrolling onto the PSA then you can complete the course but you will receive no recognition of completion.


20 PSA points will be automatically awarded to your PSA profile (if fully enrolled onto the PSA) when you complete an online course. Therefore you do not need to claim points for completing PSA online courses. 

Effective Networking


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