PSA opportunities

The Personal Skills Award (PSA) is the University's exclusive employability programme for undergraduate students.  

Supported by a range of employers, the PSA can enable you to develop, recognise and articulate your skills effectively in preparation for real-world recruitment processes. 

To achieve the Personal Skills Award you can choose to get involved in a combination of opportunities. 

 Short skills sessions

The Personal Skills Award team and our employer supporters run a series of short skills sessions during autumn and spring term. These may be hosted by internal Careers Network, PSA staff members or an external employer. You can find out the types of sessions on offer via the PSA events page.  Sessions are usually one or two hours long. By attending a session you can earn 5 PSA points. 

 Online skills courses

The online skills courses provide you with an opportunity to develop your skills through guided, online and independent learning. They can easily fit around your other commitments as you can log-in and out at your leisure. Each course takes approximately five hours to complete. There are eight online skills courses that you can enrol onto whilst a PSA student, all on a variety of different topics. The courses are designed to enable you to develop and reflect upon your skills when it suits you.

Each course has a value of 20 PSA points. You can find out more about each of the courses and how to start the course by clicking on the titles below. 

 Taught modules

Our PSA taught modules take place on campus during autumn and spring term. There are six modules in total and each one focuses on a different topic to help develop your confidence and skills in these areas. The modules are taught in seminars and each have between 3-6 sessions that are compulsory to attend if you enrol. 

Each module has an assessment element that you can pass or fail, if you pass you will earn a total of 50 PSA points. 

If you enjoy learning in a classroom environment then the modules may be for you. 

 On campus activities

The PSA recognises participation in over 240 on campus PSA activities. You can get involved in activities such as sports, student groups, mentoring, PASS, on campus work and department activities. Each activity has it's own PSA points value and you can combine participating in activities with other PSA opportunities such as modules and online courses. 

On campus activities are worth between 5-150 PSA points. 

 External work and voluntary experience

If you have a part-time job, have completed an internship, a none credit-bearing placement or have volunteered in the local community or beyond (including internationally) you can claim PSA points based on the number of hours you've completed in each role. You can claim between 15 - 60 PSA points for each individual position you've held.