Media and Communication

This PSA taught module will introduce you to working in and with the media.

If you are hoping to be involved in a career that will see you in the media spotlight, or perhaps you would like a career in the media, then this module is for you. You will develop skills that will make you confident in delivering your message effectively in the media on behalf of the company you are working for. We live in a media saturated age and if you have the skills to promote the company or organisation that you are working for then this gives you an excellent advantage.



About Media Communication 

This module will allow you to develop practical skills required to work in press offices, communications teams or specific campaigns. It is useful for anyone who may have to represent a large company or organisation in the media. It also provides an insight into the processes of pro-active and re-active media engagement and into the construction of news stories. 

You'll also learn how to get your message across in interviews; adapt your message to different audiences; practice performing live and deliver pre-recorded interviews; develop your use of the ‘sound bite culture’ and understand how to avoid a ‘stitch up’.


The sessions will include:

  • Press release writing workshop
  • Studio radio interview 
  • Interview in 'live' television situation

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding and experience of how to plan and write an effective press releases 
  • Knowledge of how to approach traditional media outlets in pro-active PR campaigns 
  • Ability to identify media engagement opportunities within organisations 
  • An understanding of how to deliver print interviews 
  • Practical experience of how to deliver a radio interview 
  • An awareness of how quotes and sound-bites are used 
  • How to deliver a live “down-the-line” TV interview


  • Press release 
  • Interview skills (radio and TV) 
  • Written reflection (1000-1200 words) 
  • Please note: your assessment will include performing in a 'live' television interview and a performance on the radio, which will both be filmed.

Each PSA module will be marked as a pass or fail. You must meet the criteria to pass in order to complete the module and earn the 50 PSA points. PSA points will be automatically awarded upon completion.