Planning your Career

Stuck over which of the many career possibilities to choose from after graduation? Not a problem any more! This PSA taught module will give you personalised strategies of what steps to take next. Find out what your strengths are and take steps towards identifying a career path that suits your skills and ambitions.

About Planning your Career

Take advantage of this PSA taught module and get one step ahead of the competition, so when you graduate you will be more aware of what makes you employable and have more chance of landing your ideal job.

You will learn about self assessment techniques, how to explore the graduate job market and how to make progress with your own career decisions; even if you do not come to a definite decision about your career, you will understand the techniques to help you in future. You will complete this module with an understanding of developing a career plan and be more self-aware of the options available. 


The sessions will include:

  • Use of self-assessment career choice tools 
  • Research into occupational labour market information 
  • Career decision making

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Choose an appropriate model of career choice and explain its relevance to your situation. 
  • Identify tools available for self-assessment in relation to career choice, apply selected tools to your own personal situation and reflect on the outcome to progress your own career decisions. 
  • Access appropriate resources on occupational information and labour market information, and apply these to a specific area to progress your own career decisions. 
  • Apply chosen model, reflect on self-assessment, research occupational information and apply labour market information to your own situation in order to take preliminary steps towards your own career decision.


  • Set of short answer questions reflecting the learning outcomes given after the appropriate workshop. 400 words per question totalling 1600 words. 

Each PSA module will be marked as a pass or fail. You must meet the criteria to pass in order to complete the module and earn the 50 PSA points. PSA points will be automatically awarded upon completion. 



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