Time Management

This is an optional PSA online course and you will earn 20 PSA points for completing this course. 

Course Overview

Managing study, work, extra-curricular activities and a social life can often be challenging – but developing good time-management and organisational skills is essential for any career. You also need good ‘self-management’ skills, to help you avoid common time-management issues like procrastination.

This course will help you to recognise what you already do well, and where there is room for improvement. You will be able to share tips and experiences with others, and will have an opportunity to practice an E-tray exercise; a task designed to assess your time-management skills which is commonly used in the recruitment process.

It will help you to develop your strategies for effective time-management (and self-management), and will help you to articulate your organisational skills effectively in the recruitment process.   

This course is recommended to all undergraduate students who want to improve their time-management skills. It may be of particular interest to students aspiring to complete the PSA or PSA (Advanced), as they will likely be juggling both their studies and extra-curricular involvements.

Learning Outcomes

 By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate and articulate own time-management skills
  • Comprehend the principles and techniques involved in goal setting, prioritising tasks, and scheduling activities 
  • Understand the concept of procrastination
  • Evaluate and articulate own procrastination tendencies
  • Understand a range of techniques for staying focused and managing interruptions 
  • Evaluate own ability to stay focused and manage distractions
  • Apply the tools and techniques of time-management to a simulated scenario
  • Understand the principles of writing effective applications (e.g. answering competency-based questions)
  • Articulate own time-management skills and competencies effectively


You can enrol directly onto the PSA Time Management course. 

Enrolling onto an online course will not enrol you onto the Personal Skills Award full programme.  If you want to complete the PSA to receive the certificate you must attend a PSA Induction Session by 13 December 2018. 

If you are interested in this topic and have no intention of enrolling onto the PSA then you can complete the course but you will receive no recognition of completion.


20 PSA points will be automatically awarded to your PSA profile (if fully enrolled onto the PSA) when you complete an online course. Therefore you do not need to claim points for completing PSA online courses. 

Time Management


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