About the Funds

Education Enhancement Fund (EEF)

The Education Enhancement Fund provides staff with the opportunity to undertake projects that encourage innovative, evidence-based practices that develop expertise in key areas of academic life and demonstrate pedagogical benefit to students.

Funds, typically in the region of £10-15k (but larger bids will be considered), are available to support projects that will lead to clear outcomes and sustained impact that benefit the University as a whole under the general theme of educational enhancement but particularly in one or more areas that are identified for each funding round.

Project proposals are welcome from any part-time or full-time member of staff who is on the payroll of the University of Birmingham. Staff may apply individually or as part of a team.

Birmingham-Nottingham Education Partnership Fund (EPF)

The Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham provide money through the Strategic Collaborative Fund (SCF) to promote collaboration between the two institutions.  The joint UEB has agreed to establish an Education Partnership Fund (EPF) with £200,000 available to fund collaborative education enhancement projects.  Staff have the opportunity to bid for funding to undertake EPF projects as long as the bid is led by a member of staff from each institution.

See funding opportunities for any current bidding rounds.