Project approval process

Before you apply

We strongly recommend that you first check the call for bids and the guidelines, to ensure that your project idea meets the criteria for project funding.  Then download the proposal form and read the guidelines so that you know what the application needs to include.  

If you have any queries not covered in the guidelines, please contact our Education Enhancement Project Advisors at to discuss your ideas and ensure that they fit within our criteria for funding.

How to apply

Send your project proposal, on the Word document provided through the 'Funding opportunities' page, to by the given deadline (which is shown on both the call for bids and the Funding Opportunities page). Applications received after the deadline cannot be considered.

What to expect when you apply

Following submission you will receive an email, usually within two working days, to confirm receipt and give you a project reference number (which you should include in any correspondence with us about your project, throughout its lifetime). 

Project applications will be reviewed by a screening panel led by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education). Clarifications from Project Leaders may be sought on aspects of your proposal prior to the decision by the review group.

You will be informed of the outcome as soon as possible after the decision is made (usually within a working week).

If you are successful in your project bid

Once your detailed project plan/application has been approved, you will receive an email from the Projects Team to make the arrangements for your project to start. We will then arrange for the funding for to be made available to you via a budget account that will be located in your School or Department. 

You and your Project Advisor will discuss further information and guidance on the project management process and what to expect from the Projects Team in terms of support during the project's lifecycle.