Frequently asked questions


Who can apply for funds?

Staff: any member of staff that’s on the University payroll, whether full-time or part-time, can submit an application.
Students: we aren't currently accepting project applications from students.

Can the project be funded to buy in expertise?

Yes, for example we would pay direct costs for a PGTA working alongside the academic staff to help with the administration.  However, we would not fund an FTE post.

How long can a project last?

In terms of the budget, we will give a deadline in each bidding round by which all funds must be spent. We will need to know details of your spending plan, ie what you will spend money on, how much, and when you intend to spend it (ideally for each month). 

Can the fund be used to pay for a part-time staff member to be made full time?

Yes, we would pay direct costs for them to be paid per hour. But please check with HR and/or your School Operations Manager.

Does the EEF fund projects that have already been funded before?

If a project has been funded in previous years by the Education Enhancement Fund, it is unlikely that it will be funded again unless there is a clear expansion of the scope and impact of the project. Furthermore, if you have received funding from another area of the University, it is unlikely that the Education Enhancement Fund will be able to provide funds as it does not support existing activities.

Does the EEF fund equipment?

Requests for equipment are considered though not encouraged. For any such requests the applicant must be able to demonstrate to the Advisory Board that the item is both necessary and not available from other sources.  Funding will not be provided for equipment that would normally be provided for the pursuit of teaching practice or other work (e.g. laptops). 

For proposals where equipment is over £500, the proposal must also be endorsed by the Head of School.  The Head of School will be asked to confirm that if the project is approved that the School will seek to purchase the equipment from us at a reduced price of 50% of the original purchase price or if not, to return the equipment to the Higher Education Futures Institute (HEFi) for use by future project leaders.

Do I have to get College or School endorsement of my project?

Yes, where possible you should check with the appropriate senior member of staff in your College (usually this would be your College Director of Education) and your Head of School to ensure that it fits into their overall strategy and that they would support your project if it’s approved - in particular, that they would ensure time is reserved for you (and/or other staff in your School) to carry out the project.

I've got an idea for a project - can I get advice or send a draft application to be checked?

Yes, and in fact we strongly encourage you to discuss your project idea with us before you write your application.  You can email us on or send your draft application (in Word format) to that address.

Is there anything specific that you won't fund?

Yes, there are a few things.  For example, we wouldn't provide funds for:

  • Employment of FTE (full time equivalent) members of staff
  • Tuition fees or stipends (eg for a PhD or Masters course)
  • Recurrent costs such as software licences, subscriptions etc.
  • International travel
  • Contingencies.