Education enhancement funding opportunities

There are currently three opportunities for project funding relating to educational enhancement:

You can contact us for more information if needed.

Education Enhancement Fund (EEF)

The latest bidding round for University of Birmingham staff to submit proposals to run an Education Enhancement project closed on 3rd September.

The approach we took in this round was somewhat different to previous rounds. The New Academic Teaching Year (NATY) has now passed through Senate and Council, ready for implementaiton in the academic year 2020-21. This offers a range of exciting curriculum development opportunities and, as a result, we will be launching a range of 'Curriculum 2020' initiatives. We invited groups of staff (with students, as appropriate) to bid for funds to develop new ideas for programmes, curricula or other educational developments or enhancements that are made possible by the NATY structure. As always, EEF projects must be designed to lead to clear outcomes and impact that can have benefits across more than one part of the Unviersity. Given the broad focus of this round, we anticipated considerable variation in the range and scale of bids, including some small scale projects.

You can find out more about the EEF and projects that have been funded by self-enrolling in the EEF Canvas course here, or you can contact if you have further queries.

Birmingham-Nottingham Education Partnership Fund (EPF)

The Education Partnership Fund is designed to support collaborative projects that investigate challenges faced by both universities, and lead to the development of innovative, evidence-based practices that support student learning.

A second round of funding has now closed for project bids that address the challenges we face in delivering inclusive education and closing undergraduate attainment gaps.

Further information is at:

Birmingham-Illinois Partnership for Discovery, Engagement and Education (BRIDGE)

The “Birmingham-Illinois Partnership for Discovery, Engagement and Education” (BRIDGE) agreement creates a framework for continued collaboration and investment to grow the strategic partnership between the University of Birmingham and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

An annual ‘BRIDGE Seed Fund’ of $200,000 has been jointly established to stimulate wider academic engagement between the two universities to which faculty members at each institution are encouraged to apply.

See the dedicated website:

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