Management of your project


There are many approaches to evaluating a project. Decisions about how to evaluate will depend on many factors that will be specific to each project, and the Project Team are available to assist you in devising an evaluation for your project. 

Progress reviewing and reporting

We will contact you at regular intervals to request an update on your project that we will include in our reports to University Education Committee (UEC). We may also contact you to follow up any particular points - likewise, you are welcome to contact your Project Advisor if there are any issues you want to follow up, and especially if you are experiencing difficulties in running your project.

Administrative and financial management

As project manager, it's your responsibility to ensure that all necessary administrative support is carried out, either by yourself or by designated members of your project team. This administration may vary by project, but you should probably include things like arranging meetings, travel, etc., and management of the project's budget (including ensuring that you comply with the University's financial procedures).  If your project includes a lot of these things, we recommend that you consider whether to appoint a member of your project team to carry out the administration and financial management.

Freelance register

This is a register of people that may be useful to your project, such as data analysts or researchers. To find out about these, you can contact the Education Enhancement Projects Advisors on

Changes to your project

As your project progresses, you might find that you need to make changes to the plan. Please contact your Project Advisor as soon as you can to discuss what these changes might be and to get approval to change the approved project plan. If the change is substantial or involves amending the spending plan/budget, you will be asked to complete and submit a Change Request Form for approval.

Project closure

At the end of your project, you will need to follow a formal process that includes a project closure report, and summary of evaluation findings, including impact and lessons learned.  There is also an expectation that projects will contribute to the HEFi programme of MicroCPDs and Lunch & Learn Sessions.

Post-project evaluation

Projects outcomes may not be fully realised until some time after the project has completed. The Project Advisors may  therefore contact you after the end of the project to check whether any further outcomes have been identified, and are keen to work with you to realise and disseminate some of these longer term outcomes.