Funded projects

It is always good practice when considering a project to find out what projects are being done or have been done before that are either similar to the one you want to do, or may complement it. Key within this process are: liaising with current projects to ensure you are not duplicating effort; and finding out whether any of the lessons learnt within previous projects could inform the project that you would like to do.

You can look through lists of current and completed education enhancement projects and then ask for more information on any of them by either contacting the project leader or emailing us at, and quoting the project reference code. Or you can look through our Canvas course (self-enrol at and look at the project completion reports available there.

2013-16 funding round and beyond

2010-2013 funding round

Projects funded prior to 2010

You can also see and browse our whole collection of older, archived projects.

Need to know more?

If you want to know more about a particular project, you can either contact the EEF Project Advisors or the individual project leader, quoting the project reference code.  

The Project Advisors are able to advise on all aspects of educational enhancement projects. Contact them on