Photocopying in the library


Photocopying facilities are available at Barber Fine Art LibraryBarber Music LibraryBarnes LibraryRonald Cohen Dental LibraryEducation LibraryHarding Law LibraryOrchard Learning Resource Centre and Shakespeare Institute Library.

Charges for staff and students

Photocopying facilities are available via an electronic card swipe system, and to use the copiers you must have sufficient credit on the ID cards.  The credit costs:

  • A4 colour photocopying - 20p  
  • A3 colour photocopying - 40p 
  • A4 colour printing - 20p  
  • A3 colour printing - 40p 
  • A4 black and white - 4p  
  • A3 black and white - 8p 
  • Microfilm and microfiche - 10p

Charges for visitors 

Visitors can purchase photocopy cards at the Lending Desk. The card costs £1.50 and can be purchased at most of the libraries and resource centres; it comes with 75p credit and can then be topped up as and when required.

The credit costs for visitors: 

  • A4 black and white photocopy - 5p 
  • A3 black and white photocopy - 10p 
  • A4 colour photocopy - 24p 
  • A3 colour photocoopy - 48p 

Please note: Additional information is available on the IT Services charged printing & photocopying webpage. 

Disability support 

If you need to photocopy onto coloured paper, staff can provide the paper; ask at the Reception and Information Desk in libraries or at the Computing Helpdesk (Main Library only).

If photocopying is difficult for you because of a disability, staff will undertake copying for you. This will be charged at the same cost as you would pay if you were doing this yourself.

Reporting a problem

Lending Desk staff can help with paper jams and acetates. If you require assistance using the copiers, please ask a member of staff. Users who require coloured paper should also ask at the Lending Desk.

Additional information

The following pages contain useful information to consider when using the photocopying facilities: 

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