Top tips for revision: #BeExamReady

Active revision

  • Create mind maps, flash cards and diagrams, and stick them up on your walls so you can look at them every day. If you’re a visual person, you may find you can picture the relevant corner of your room in the exam!
  • Try recording yourself talking about a topic you’re revising. If you do this on your phone or other portable device, you could listen to the recording on the bus or in spare moments.
  • Use pictures, songs and rhymes to help you memorise facts, dates and names. You need to attach personal meaning to forgettable pieces of information.


  • Plan a schedule for your revision to make sure you can cover everything you need to, plus build in time to re-visit key topics over and over.
  • Experiment with the layering technique – learn basic information about a topic first, and build it up in gradually more complex layers. In the exam, if you freeze, try to recall the bottom layer and it should trigger the rest.
  • Look for connections between different modules and sub-topics as you revise. Markers like to see that you recognise the bigger picture.


  • Try revising the same material in different ways to build up a flexible understanding of it.
  • Test yourself regularly to make sure things are sinking in. Don’t just assume that they are!
  • Practice applying what you’re revising by doing past papers or planning/answering mock exam questions.

Get your friends involved

  • Try giving a short lecture (to a real or invisible audience!) on a topic you’ve revised – see whether you understand it well enough to talk about it for 10 or 20 minutes
  • Try revising with friends and testing one another. Their understanding of a topic might help to enhance yours.
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Look after yourself

  • Sleep and eat well! When we’re asleep our brains consolidate what we’ve learnt. Plus, you need to be fresh to absorb the info in the first place. Tired body means tired brain!
  • Give yourself regular breaks when you’re revising.

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