eBooks have several advantages over print books.

  • Provide 24 hour off-campus access
  • Cannot be overdue - hence no fines
  • Free up valuable library space
  • Provide value-added functionality such as keyword searching.

Accessing eBooks at the Library

Access eBooks on FindIt@Bham and search by eBook title or searching for a provider (eg Ebrary, MyiLibrary - see below under eBook collections).

Also see our Mobile devices page for information on accessing eBooks and other eResources on Smartphones and other portable devices. 

 eBook collections

eBooks are offered from key providers in order to supply the widest, most relevant collection of eBooks for its users.

  • Ebrary - More than 1600 titles over a wide range of subjects. Now in 'quick view' or fuller functions using the eBrary Reader.
  • MyiLibrary - An ever growing collection currently containing over 1,200 titles and covers a range of subjects.
  • ACLS Humanities Collection - Contains over 2000 full-text Humanities titles and represents over 250 academic and learned societies.  Titles are continuously being added to the collection.
  • Cambridge Books Online - Applied Linguistics and Film & Media collections
  • Eighteenth Century Books Online - Original documents in digitized form.
  • Elsevier: Health Sciences, and Clinical Medicine, titles from 2010 and 2011.
  • Engineering Village (Referex, CRC ENGNetBASE) - Electrical, chemical, mechanical and other areas.
  • Knovel - Covering a range of engineering subjects.
  • Oxford Language Dictionaries Online - French, German, Italian, Spanish.
  • Oxford Medical Handbooks Online.
  • Oxford Scholarship Online - Key titles for Political Science and History.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry - Analytical Collection.
  • Other individual eBooks - including the Oxford Textbook of Medicine and the African Studies Companion.

 eBook trials and projects 

Elsevier Science Direct 
We have unlimited online access to over 8000 Science Direct eBooks with coverage across 26 subject areas. The trial will conclude on 31/12/2012. 

JISC Observatory Project 
This project has now concluded. University of Birmingham came fourth of all 127 participants nationwide - ranking us as a "superuser". Continued access was purchased for 9 of the 36 titles, covering Business and Management studies and Engineering.  JISC national e-book observatory project: key findings and recommendations .  Final report. [Online]. [London] : JISC Collections, 2009.  p15.  (Accessed 18/10/2011).

JISC Textbook Project 
We  participated in two JISC trials for 3 eBooks (Sept 2009-July 2010) and contributed to a case study.

  • Understanding international relations, Brown, 4th Ed.
  • Theories of international relations, Burchill, 4th Ed.
  • Economics, Begg, 9th Ed. 

Case studies: University of Birmingham. In: JISC E-textbook business models.  [London] : JISC Collections, 2010. (Accessed 18/10/2011).

For more details on specific eBooks please contact the relevant Subject Advisor.

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Discover our eBooks on FindIt@Bham.

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Downloading ebooks

Read about downloading ebooks onto your SmartPhone or device on our mobile devices page. 


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