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Current issues

Temperature in the Main Library

You’ve let us know that at times, Main Library can feel cold.  As part of the risk assessment to keep the library open during the pandemic, ventilation is identified as an important way to mitigate transmission. It is has therefore been necessary to have the ventilation system turned up high to keep staff and students as safe as possible. We do appreciate however that at the moment this can make the space colder, especially in the evening, as fresh air is pulled in from outside. Whilst cases remain high it is necessary to continue with this level of ventilation, but we will review this periodically as we move through the new semester.


Actions taken

Space for group work and to attend seminars and lectures online

In response to student feedback we are redesigning the Wolfson Room on the ground floor of the Main Library as a space where you can do group work, have discussions and attend seminars and lectures online. Look out for the table top signs which provide more detail. You can drink, and eat cold food only, in the Wolfson Room. 

Whilst the Wolfson Room will become noisier, all other parts of the building, except the café and Library Lounge, will remain designated either silent (floors 4 and silent study rooms on floor 3) or quiet (the rest of the building). We hope that these changes will be beneficial to you.

The Wolfson Room is on the right as you enter the Main Library, through the Library Lounge.

Remember that the Media Room on the second floor is a dedicated space for attending online lectures.

Noise in the Main Library

New efforts have been made by library staff to control noise, specifically in Main Library. These efforts include increased staff patrols, desk signage indicating what is expected in each area, tannoy announcements, altering of furniture layout, and asking staff at service points to talk as quietly as possibly to stop noise travelling to the upper floors. We will continue to monitor the situation. We hope that the changes to the Wolfson Room (above), that provide a new group discussion space, will also help to lessen noise in the rest of the building.  

Feedback is collated from a variety of sources, including the above form, social media, issues raised at departmental meetings, and comments to library staff.

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