Customer feedback

We value your feedback and try to take positive action. You can let us know your thoughts either by speaking to staff, completing our feedback form, or tweeting us @uoblibservices.

See "Current issues" for what's already been submitted. 

 Feedback form

Current issues

We are aware of, and working on, the following:

Wi-fi in the Main Library

April update

Wi-Fi continues to be an issue for some users within the Main Library. We are working closely with IT Services to resolve the issue. New systems are currently being tested at the Learning Centre and the outcome of these tests will inform further decisions about how to proceed at the Library. 

 Seat hogging in the Main Library

The Main Library is a shared resource and we want to make sure that it is used fairly.  Regrettably, seat hogging has become prevalent, meaning many students are unable to find and use a study space, and we have received many complaints about this.

From the 2 May, Library Services will be introducing seat monitoring, placing leaflets on left items. If belongings are left for more the 60 minutes, the space is considered available and people looking for a study space are free to move the belongings and take the space. Library staff will assist if students wish. 


Actions taken

In direct response to feedback, we have made the following changes:

Study space for the exam period

  • Additional seating has been introduced to the Library Lounge (left as you enter the Main Library) and in the Wolfson Room to allow for additional spaces to eat and drink whilst studying.
  • Sofas have been exchanged for study desks on the fourth floor, and the training room opened up for Silent Study between 8am and 9pm.
  • Additional desks have been brought over from other sites and moved into spaces on the Ground Floor and the fourth floor.
  • Group Study Room 14 (third floor) has also been opened as an additional quiet study room.
  • The library will now remain open 24/7 until the end of exams (Friday 2 June) and the Murray Learning Centre is now also 24/7 (except between 01:00 and 09:00 on Saturday mornings)  

Signage in Main Library

  • Additional signage has been ordered for the Main Library; these include your suggestions for better signage to the toilets and adding push/pull on some of the doors. We’ll make sure that installation will not affect those revising for exams.
  • Temporary signage (for the exam period) requesting silence/quiet is now in place. 

 New study spaces on campus

The Loft (University Centre) is now open  Monday - Friday 08:45 - 22:00. This dedicated study space provides seating for up to 190 students and has 30 PC stations, an assortment of high back booths, large tables and mixed loose and fixed seating. Each seat also has access to a power source and Wi-Fi signal has been optimised.

Feedback is collated from a variety of sources, including the above form, social media, issues raised at departmental meetings, and comments to library staff.