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We value your feedback and try to take positive action. You can let us know your thoughts either by speaking to staff, completing our feedback form, or tweeting us @uoblibservices.

See "Current issues" for what's already been submitted. 

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Current issues

We are aware of, and working on, the following:

ResourceLists@Bham – access to core reading                                                    

Feedback has highlighted that some students have experienced difficulty accessing the core texts on their reading lists. Over the past year, Library Services has worked with teaching staff in schools to promote Resource Lists (the University reading list system) which has many benefits to both staff and students, including the digitisation of essential reading chapters, easy access to books, articles and multimedia resources, and integration with Canvas.

We have also made a significant investment in both our print and eBook collections. 191,026 more eBooks were purchased/subscribed over the academic year, increasing the eBook collections by 38%.

We have also systematically replaced older editions of high demand texts with the latest editions, in like for like numbers, to ensure students have access to the most recent resources. More information about ResourceLists@Bham.

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Actions taken

In direct response to feedback, we have made the following changes:

Food and drink in the Main Library

From the beginning of this academic session (2017/18), users of the Main Library will be allowed to bring in lidded drinks, including coffee and tea. (Drinks must be in covered containers)

More seating has also been added to the Wolfson Room, to provide students who wish to eat with more places to study. There are now over 300 seats in the Wolfson Room, Library Lounge and Café. The Wolfson Room will become a dedicated silent study space. 

Study space in the Main Library

Over the summer, Library Services has spent a significant time installing new purchased furniture, as well as moving previous furniture to more appropriate places in the building, meaning the space is used more intelligently. As well as the above in the Wolfson space, this includes:

  • More permanent study desks for the ground floor
  • A change of furniture for silent room 2 (replacing soft seating with newly purchased desks)
  • More dividers for study areas to allow for a more individual space (third floor)
  • Replacing booths on the first floor with permanent desks.
  • Replacing “plectrum desks” (third floor) which seated three people, with standard desks that can seat four people.
  • Moving bench seating from the fourth floor to the Library Lounge to allow for more study space for those who wish to eat.
Note that the temporary furniture and rooms opened for revision space (such as fourth floor) during exam period will be reinstated for the next exam period.

Wi-fi in the Main Library

IT Services have undertaken a major project work to significantly improve the Wi-Fi connection in the Main Library during September. Both software and hardware has been upgraded on all floors of the building, and thorough testing of the new service will be ongoing.

This work should provide the library with a far more robust, reliable Wi-Fi service.

Signage in Main Library

New signage has been installed in the building, taking on board many suggestions provided by students. These include:

  • Large signs on the doors to the toilets
  • Push-pull on some doors around the library, including the entrance to the Café and library lounge
  • Large zone signs on the shelving areas to help orientate and locate book stock
  • Overhead signage indicating the ways to the Academic Skills Centre and Maths Support Centre.

New maps for all floors are now in place on the landings. 

Feedback is collated from a variety of sources, including the above form, social media, issues raised at departmental meetings, and comments to library staff.