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We value your feedback and try to take positive action. You can let us know your thoughts either by speaking to staff, completing our feedback form, or tweeting us @uoblibservices.

See "Current issues" for what's already been submitted. 

 Feedback form

Current issues

We are aware of, and working on, the following:

Access to course reading

We’ve been working hard with tutors to get more modules onto ResourceLists@bham; this enables us to purchase the books you need for your courses. We’ve increased the number of modules (from across the University) with a resource list by 36%.  We realise, of course, that there may still be gaps and would ask students to let us know if you don’t have a resource list for your module.

We are also introducing dynamic collection development: we will now automatically buy extra copies of textbooks (or ebooks where possible) if more than 4 reservations are placed on an item. 

Actions taken

In direct response to feedback, we have made the following changes:

Whiteboards in Group Study Rooms

Following suggestions from users, whiteboards have now been added to the group study rooms in Main Library (where possible). These are in the following rooms:

GSR 1, GSR 2, GSR 3, GSR 6, GSR 7, GSR 8, GSR 11, GSR 12, GSR 13.

Staplers in Resource Zones (upper floors Main Library)

We’ve been asked to provide staplers next the printers and copiers on the upper floors of Main Library. These are now in place. We would ask all library users to kindly keep them in their correct place so they are available for everyone to use. 

Red/Amber/Green in Main Library:

In response to requests to extend this pilot, the traffic light system at the entrance to Main Library (to indicate how busy each floor is) has now been extended to include all term time.

Signage in Main Library

Following suggestions from students, we’ve added broad subject titles, e.g. Law, to the ends of the shelving in Main Library. We continue to try to improve signage in Main Library. If you have any suggestions for improving signage within any of our libraries, please let us know using the feedback form above.

Portable DVD players

In response to requests from staff student committees, we’ve purchased four portable DVD players for students to borrow in the library. 

Feedback is collated from a variety of sources, including the above form, social media, issues raised at departmental meetings, and comments to library staff.

Privacy policy

The data collected on this form will be processed in accordance with our Data Protection Policy which can be found here.  Please contact Library Services if you have any queries or need to change or amend your details.