Customer feedback

We value your feedback and try to take positive action. You can let us know your thoughts either by speaking to staff, completing our feedback form, or tweeting us @uoblibservices.

See "Current issues" for what's already been submitted. 

 Feedback form

Current issues

We are aware of, and working on, the following:

Plug sockets in Main Library                                                     

Plug sockets become damaged in the Main Library, usually because unsafe, unfused power adaptors are blowing the fuse of the socket.  Whilst we recognise that these adaptors are a little cheaper, Library Services would ask all users to please only use the manufacturer’s adaptors to help keep sockets working for everyone. These can be identified by either the CE mark or safety mark, indicating they are safe to use: CESafety Mark


Over the Christmas vacation and Spring term, the facilities team will be systematically testing and replacing any faulty fuses, though this is a huge task. You can help us speed up the process by letting us know if and where you find a faulty socket (either in person or via Just Ask). 

Reserved Seats or Seat Hogging in Main Library

We have received an increased number of complaints during the Autumn term from students, regarding others leaving their belongings for long periods of time, in effect “reserving” a space that others could be using.

From January staff will actively monitor study spaces for left belongings. If belongings are left  for more than 60 minutes, that space will be considered vacant and anyone may use the space, and items may be moved by Library Staff. 

PCs at Barnes Library (Medical School)

Following feedback from users regarding access to PCs, Library Services, in partnership with the college of MDS, will offer free laptop loans. Laptop Lockers will be installed by the Doug Ellis Suite during the Spring Term.

Actions taken

In direct response to feedback, we have made the following changes:

Study space in the Main Library

In addition to the furniture installed over the summer vacation, new furniture (study desks) have been purchased to increase seating in the Main Library to over 2000 spaces. These will be installed during the January.   We apologise for any disruption during this time.

Library Services, along with colleagues from the Guild, Student Services, and Learning Spaces, is working to make it easier to identify alternative study spaces on campus. When you see this symbol, you know that the space is open for anyone to work in:

Study Space

We have also made live Study Space data available, as well as PC availability.

Wi-fi in the Main Library

Following the installation of a new Wi-Fi system, the Wi-Fi in the Main Library is a more robust, reliable service, and ITS continue to monitor the service and introduce bug fixes. However if you continue to experience problems, please let us or the IT Service Desk know where you are working, and IT Services will investigate. 

Signage in Main Library

We continue to try to improve signage in Main Library, and we are currently investigating ways of improving the information on our totem signs. Some new signage, e.g. to clearly indicate the express PCS, has been ordered and will be installed during the Spring term.

If you have any suggestions for improving signage within any of our libraries, please let us know using the form above. 

Access to One to One help

Following the restructure of our Academic Engagement division, Library Services now offers one to one appointments (for UG and PGT) via our Academic Skills Centre.

We can help with writing skills, study strategies, referencing, or searching for high quality sources for your assignments.

There is also specialist help for PGR and Academic staff

Feedback is collated from a variety of sources, including the above form, social media, issues raised at departmental meetings, and comments to library staff.