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We value your feedback and try to take positive action. You can let us know your thoughts either by speaking to staff, completing our feedback form, or tweeting us @uoblibservices.

See "Current issues" for what's already been submitted. 

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Current issues

We are aware of, and working on, the following:

Wi-fi in the Main Library

July update

Wi-Fi has been a concern for some library users within the Main Library, and we are working closely with IT Services to resolve the issue. Over the past few months improvements have been made in order to make the existing wireless service as good as it possibly can be.

Detailed network surveys have been performed in the Library, and based on these, work will be carried out during the summer vacation to reposition access points.  This work may cause some disruption in the short term, but the long term benefit will be a better, more robust wireless network for all.  Detailed information about this work and any disruption will be made available to library users as soon possible, and alternative study spaces signposted if necessary. 

 Plug sockets

Faulty sockets are being repaired during the summer vacation. The main cause of these faults is the use of sub-standard adaptors that do not contain their own fuses. This causes the main socket connecting the desk to blow. Library Services are working with schools and the Guild to try to request library users to only use fused, British Standard adaptors in the desk, for the benefit of all those in the building. 

ResourceLists@Bham – access to core reading                                                    

Student staff committee meetings have highlighted that some students still have difficulty accessing the core texts on their reading lists. Over the past year Library Services has worked with teaching staff in schools to promote Resource Lists (the University reading list system) which has many benefits to both staff and students, including the digitisation of essential reading chapters, easy access to books, articles and multimedia resources, and integration with Canvas. More information about ResourceLists@Bham.

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Actions taken

In direct response to feedback, we have made the following changes:

Signage in Main Library

New signage has been installed in the building, taking on board many suggestions provided by our students. These include:

  • Large signs on the doors to the toilets
  • Push pull on some doors around the library, including the entrance to the Café and library lounge
  • Large zone signs on the shelving areas to help orientate and locate book stock
  • Overhead signage indicating the ways to the Academic Skills Centre and Maths Support Centre.

We are also in the process of creating new maps for various floors and these will be in place as soon as possible. 

Height adjustable desks

As per student requests, these tables are now clearly signed and indicate that they should be given priority to those who need them. 

 Laptop Loans

We have received requests asking for reminders to be placed on the laptops themselves, reminding users to check when they are due back. These are now in place. We have also made the signage on the locker units more clear.  

Study space for the exam period

  • Additional seating was introduced to the Library Lounge (left as you enter the Main Library) and in the Wolfson Room to allow for additional spaces to eat and drink whilst studying.
  • Sofas were exchanged for study desks on the fourth floor, and the training room opened up for Silent Study between 8am and 9pm.
  • Additional desks have been brought over from other sites and moved into spaces on the Ground Floor and the fourth floor. 
  • Group Study Room 14 (third floor) was opened as an additional quiet study room.
  • The library remained open 24/7 until the end of exams (Friday 2 June) and the Murray Learning Centre is was also 24/7 (except between 01:00 and 09:00 on Saturday mornings) 
  • Library staff monitored study spaces with seat hogging slips, and spaces were considered available after items we left for longer than 60 minutes. The scheme was well received by library users and is likely to be implemented again in next year’s exam period.
  • Temporary signage (for the exam period) requesting silence/quiet was used, and some will remain in place throughout the year.

Feedback is collated from a variety of sources, including the above form, social media, issues raised at departmental meetings, and comments to library staff.