MPI/Distributed Parallel Programming

As you might know, the Birmingham Environment for Academic Research (BlueBEAR) was successful in obtaining funding from the ‘University of Birmingham Annual Fund’ from the Alumni of the University.

Part of this award was to get a student drawn from the student community (trainer) who will be able to support new postgraduate students in making a more rapid and effective start to their research. BlueBEAR therefore is announcing a training course on MPI / Distributed Parallel Programming.

The trainer is a final year research student Rafik Salama from the Centre of Systems Biology. The course is also held in cooperation with the MPI special interest group.  

About the course

Achieving good performance on today’s high-end computers involves effectively utilizing a variety of network interconnects, a large number of compute resources, and high-quality algorithms. Application developers make heavy use of libraries and tools to manage this complexity while still delivering high performance.

For their work, parallel application writers commonly choose the message-passing model, embodied by the MPI Standard. MPI defines a rich API that can be used across many disparate hardware platforms and provides many useful features such as datatype packing, collective communication, nonblocking communication, and dynamic process management. High-quality MPI implementations further provide heterogeneous communication and deliver high performance.  

The course will cover

The course will cover ( but not limited to ) the following areas:

  • Parallel programming paradigms and languages
  • MPI architecture
  • Blocking and non-blocking communication
  • Collective operations and defined operators
  • MPI-IO for parallel file writing
  • MPI-One sided communications & global address spacing

Who is it for? 

The course is targeted towards PhD, MPhil and MRes students who require the use of MPI in their research. There is no assumed knowledge for this course but the pace will be fairly brisk. Each day is split into 3 parts with hands on examples. 


Proficient in C/C++. 


1.5 days

How to book

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