Disability support

The shields displayed on the 4th floor of the Main Library. The University's coat of arms is in the centre.


There are four lifts at the centre of the building. During term time from 08:00-22:00, and during vacation from 08:00-20:00, we have staff rovers who are around the building and will be able to help with any enquiries. 

The Main Library has accessible toilets on every floor, including a changing places facility in the Wolfson room on the ground floor. 

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You can request an alerter in case of a fire alarm. All of our fourteen Group Study Rooms are fitted with induction loops too. 

Borrowing and returning books

There are self-issue machines on the ground, first and second floors of the library. Books should be returned to the library using the sortation machine immediately on the left-hand side as you come into the library. Staff at the Help Desk on the ground floor can assist with borrowing and returning items.

Reserved items are normally collected from the shelves in the Library Information Centre on the ground floor by the help desks. You have two days to collect an item from the time the notification email is sent. If your disability makes it difficult for you to collect an item within this period, please contact us. 

We have a book fetching service for those who cannot access the upper floors, have difficulty negotiating our shelves or would otherwise have difficulty finding stock. 

Height-adjustable desks

There are height-adjustable desks on the ground, first, second and third floors of the library. They are marked by a yellow sticker in the corner. Priority for using these desks should be given to users who need them. The height of the desk is controlled by two black buttons on the right-hand side of the desk.

If you need any help to find a desk or ask someone to move please speak to us at the Help Desk or contact us via chat, email or phone.

Each computer cluster in the library has PCs on adjustable desks too. This includes several bookable PCs on the ground and first floors. Use MyPC booking to search and book for free PCs. Change the resource type to height adjustable desk to limit your search to those PCs on height adjustable desks.

Assistive software: all cluster PCs

There is a suite of assistive software installed on all campus PCs. Mind-mapping and proof-reading software is available to all students, while other software (including specialist screen-reading and magnification software) requires registration with the Student Disability Service.

Assistive technology booths

As well as the assistive software on all PCs, the Main Library has four assistive technology booths, for students referred to us by the student disability service. These rooms have a broader range of software and equipment available to registered users. They can be booked online or by contacting us.

Other assistive equipment

The following items are available on request from the Help Desk:

  • Coloured paper
  • Large print keyboard
  • Ergonomic mice


Four ground floor lockers at Main Library are specifically reserved for those users with a disability. The lockers are located on the right had side as you enter the library.

Further help and support

Please contact us via chat or in person at the Help Desk if you have any questions about the support we offer.

Our chat service runs from 08:00-19:00, with a 24/7 service operated by partner libraries available outside these times. Library staff are available to answer queries in person from 08:00-22:00 in term-time and 08:00-20:00 in the vacation.  

We are able to offer tours of the library as well as further guidance regarding the services we offer for users with disabilities. 


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