Borrowing books and journals



Your University ID card is also your Library card. You can borrow books using self-service machines in the Main LibraryBarnes Library, and Dental Library, or take them to a lending desk.


Items may be returned via the sortation machine in the Main Library, return boxes, on self service machines or at staffed service points. Books may be returned at any site. 

Loan periods and amounts

All items renew automatically, but will be issued for a set amount of time when you first borrow it. The amount of items you can have on loan at any one time depends on borrower category. Automatic renewals stop when someone else reserves the item, or you have a large amount of fines, or your membership expires.

Reservations of items which are in-demand (i.e. other borrowers have reserved them and need them after you) are issued for a rolling 48-hour period. You must check your receipt or date-stamp on collecting your reservation. 

More information on dynamic loans.

Number of loans and length of loan depending on borrower type
 Borrower category Length of loan (unless high demand) Number of items
 Taught full-time single honours undergraduate  1 week  16 
 Taught full-time joint honours undergraduate  1 week  20
 Taught full-time single honours finalist  1 week  20
 Taught full-time postgraduate  1 week  20
 Research postgraduate  4 weeks (subject to recall)  30
 Part-time, distance undergraduate  4 weeks (subject to recall)  16
 Part-time, distance postgraduate  4 weeks (subject to recall)  20
Academic staff 4 weeks (subject to recall) 40 
Associate staff 4 weeks (subject to recall) 16
Support staff 1 week 12
External borrower 1 week 6



Fines are charged on overdue items at £1 per working day.

Reserving books

If the book you need is out on loan, you can reserve it via FindIt, our library catalogue.

When the book is returned, you will be notified by email. The item will be held for 48 hours.

If you need longer to collect it, please contact us. The collection time can be extended at our discretion.

Reserved and recalled books

If a book you have on loan is required by another borrower, it will no longer renew automatically. You will receive reminder emails 5, 2 and 1 days before the book is due back. If you have 4 week loans, you will also receive an email to advise you that the item has been recalled, as it will be due back in 1 week.

Many staff and students use our libraries during vacations, so please be aware that your books might be reserved by another borrower, and have to be returned, at any time. Please do not take books out of the country.