University staff and students


Access and membership information for staff and students to Library Services managed buildings and resource centres: 

Information for our staff and students

All currently registered staff and students have automatic access to the university libraries and resource centres, with your University ID card acting as your library card. Find out about loan entitlements and further information about borrowing books.

Visiting lecturers and associate staff who wish to use electronic resources should fill out a form and submit it to their local requestor. 

 Retired members of staff

Members of staff who had membership of the University libraries during their working life are entitled to continued membership after they retire. To set this up, you should bring in a valid ID card or proof of your retired status to one of our libraries. If you don't have your ID card, you will also need to bring a passport sized photo.You will be registered as an external member of the Library. 

This means that your membership rights will be different from when you were a member of staff at the University. You will be entitled to borrow up to 6 books at a time. You will have access to those electronic resources where the licence agreement permits access to non-members of the University. Membership is renewable annually. See our page about retired staff membership for more information.

Access to other HE libraries

University of Birmingham is part of the SCONUL Access scheme which normally allows students and staff to use other HEI libraries in the scheme. The scheme is currently suspended - see SCONUL's website for more information. 


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