UK Research Reserve

About the UK Research Reserve Project

The UK Research Reserve (UKRR) ensures that printed journals held in UK libraries are preserved permanently and made accessible to all. It allows Higher Education libraries to de-duplicate their journal holdings of a title if two copies are held by other UKRR members, ensuring continued access to low-use journals, whilst allowing libraries to release space to meet the changing needs of their users.

Through a collaborative and co-ordinated approach to preservation and access, the UKRR has developed a UK-wide collection, with the British Library at their core, in partnership with a group of 28 other research libraries, to meet three goals:

  • Establish a system to ensure that low use research publications, currently at risk of ad hoc disposal, are permanently retained;
  • Provide access to research materials, (including printed formats, even where electronic is available), at an affordable price;
  • Enable more efficient use of resources by making low use print publications more visible and accessible; and by creating more complete sets of holdings across the research sector.

Further information

If you would like any information on the University of Birmingham's involvement in the UKRR contact Ed Tavner, Collections Management Team Leader, Tel: 0121 414 3136


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