Scanning or Uploading Chapters and Articles to Canvas

If you have scanned extracts from printed books or journals, or uploaded extracts of e-books and e-journals to Canvas, you need to report them to Library Services.  If you haven’t done this already all scanning/ uploading since 1st June 2015 must be reported by 31st May 2016.  (This includes new scans and any old scans that have been reused/ rolled over from previous years.)

All scanning/ uploading should be in line with the Procedures for scanning which details what is and is not covered, with the reporting obligations included at Step 3. 

Failure to report means we actually do not have permission to use the extracts.

This is the last time you will be required to report scanning this way as going forward, all scanning requests will be processed via the ResourceLists system

If you have a reading list on the ResourceLists system you can edit it to request digitisations directly.  The system will automatically check for copyright permission, add a Copyright Notice and report usage to Library Services for you.  The system will even tell you if we already have an e-version in FindIt, or if it has already been scanned by someone else at Birmingham, both of which will save time and effort.

If you haven’t already added your list to ResourceLists now is the time to benefit from the advantages of using this new system, especially if you use a lot of scans .  If you don’t use scans, but ask your students to read single chapters from texts or single articles from journals, this new tool makes the whole process far easier than before.

Support is available from Library Services to help with the move to the new system.

If you have any queries please contact or


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