Extra study spaces in the Main Library


On Wednesday 10 January, 102 additional temporary desks and chairs will be installed in the Main Library. To make space for these desks, a small amount of soft seating will be removed on 9 January, so unfortunately there will be disruption on both days as the furniture is moved. At quieter periods of the year, the soft seating will be put back out to replace the temporary desks.

The desks will be installed across all floors of the Main Library, but please be aware that they don't have built-in power sockets.

In total, we have bought nearly 126 new temporary desks and eighteen permanent desks, as well as an additional six-seater study pod for the Wolfson Room on the ground floor. These extra spaces take the Main Library's seating capacity to over 2000. On 6 February, we're installing new furniture in the Quiet Study Room on the third floor, replacing the large group study table with eight individual desks with dividers. 


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