Mass Observation Online update III

The third addition to Mass Observation Online adds a further 150,000 full colour digitised images to the resource. This addition carries the personal writing materials into the post-war period and more than doubles the digital holdings for the Topic Collections, further broadening the scope of the war-years content. Mass Observation III comprises of:

Diaries, 1946-1950

Providing a complete set of diaries from the end of the Second World War to the beginning of the next decade, Mass Observation III carries the personal narratives of MO diarists into an age of austerity, reconstruction, consumerism, and the birth of the welfare state.

Directives, 1946-1947

This complete set of immediate post-war directives cover such varied subjects as political parties and policies, reading habits, drinking habits, spiritualism, the cost of living, Britain’s place in the world, anti-Semitism, and the Nuremberg Trials.

Topic Collections

A further thirty Topic Collections. These include ground-breaking investigations into social services (the Beveridge Surveys of 1942 and 1947) and sexual behaviour (the 1949 ‘Little Kinsey’ report), as well as wartime and post-war surveys of propaganda, newspaper reading, conscientious objection, demobilisation, anti-Semitism, sport, holidays, industry, reconstruction, family planning, and the early National Health Service.


Professional Services