We've updated our iRecommend service to make it easier for students to suggest additions to the library collection. This service is now called MoreBooks@Bham.

The new service has three distinct goals:

  1. Diversify: to diversify the collection, and increase the range of books we stock by BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), LGBTQ+ and disabled authors. Recommendations that amplify, celebrate and tell the history of underrepresented groups are also most welcome.
  2. Support: to support students at the University by increasing our wellbeing and study success books
  3. Supplement: to supplement core reading with modern, academic material that enables students to read around their subject more widely, and to make connections/explore new areas of inquiry.

Please see MoreBooks@Bham for more details. We will do our best to purchase anything you suggest but some conditions do apply.

This service is only for the use of registered students at the University of Birmingham and is only for the purchase of books. There are separate processes in place for staff purchases and for journal subscriptions.