New ebook and online resources


Library Services has recently acquired a number of important new electronic resources which will enhance the learning and research experience across the University.

This year, the focus of these strategic purchases has been on acquiring eBook collections from key academic publishers on an Evidence Based Acquisition model, which works by paying an up-front fee for a particular collection. The content is then made available and the usage is recorded. After six or 12 months we buy books in perpetuity, based on use, up to the value of the up-front fee.


Ebook collections from CUP, OUP and Sage have been purchased – providing an excellent range of teaching and research monographs in, primarily, arts and social science disciplines:

Cambridge Books EBA eBook collection (CUP)

Oxford Scholarship Online EBA eBook collection (OUP)

SAGE Knowledge EBA eBook collection

We have also maintained access to important medical science eBooks – to which a subscription was trialled in 2015-16. Usage of these key books was incredibly high – demonstrating their value to students and confirming their importance for retention:

Elsevier eLibrary Medicine and Medical Sciences subscription eBooks

Ovid Anatomical Sciences subscription eBooks

A number of heavily used titles from a variety of disciplines have had their levels of access increased, either through the upgrade of user licenses from single to multi-user, or due to the purchase of additional licenses. Similarly, a number of purchases have been made to continue our access to eBooks that were removed from the dynamic Ebrary Academic Complete collection.

Full text resources

Along with these key eBook collections, we have also invested in more specialist electronic resources which have particular value for their disciplines:

Drama Online (Bloomsbury)

Introduces new writers alongside the most iconic names in playwriting history, providing contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer)

This series is a medium for the publication of new developments in Computer Science and Information Technology research and teaching. We have access to content from 1997 onwards.


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