Places to study on campus


There are a range of places to study on campus, including our libraries.

  • The Murray Learning Centre: open 24/7 for exams. Open areas for study and 4 PC clusters.
  • The Hub study lounge in Aston Webb C block, lower ground floor. Group work zones, computer cluster and quiest study area.
  • The Link, 1st floor Gisbert Kapp building. 32 PCs and study spaces.
  • Garner Learning Suite in Chemical Engineering: PCs and study spaces
  • The Shell Lounge: study space and computer cluster in Civil & Mechanical Engineering
  • "The Quiet Room" at 52 Pritchetts Road
  • Strathcona drop-in clusters
  • Nuffield Learning Centre
  • The Guild Common Room

There is also the Orchard Learning Resources Centre on Bristol Road. It has 250 study spaces, 66 PCs, private study booths and a café.

You can find all these places on our interactive map


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