Revise and Refresh


Revise and Refresh at the Orchard Learning Resource Centre (OLRC) in Selly Oak this Revision and Exam period.

As well as 550 study spaces in a quiet environment to help you revise, we are offering a range of activities to help you through this summer’s revision and exam period.

Across three days Monday 29 April, Wednesday 1 May and Tuesday 7 May, we're delivering free sessions on: effective revision skills, exam techniques, dissertation workshops, mindfulness, yoga at your desk and meditation. 

Mindfulness & Exam Stress

This short interactive session will help you discover the benefits of practising mindfulness during stressful times, like exams.  Mindfulness has been proven to help you sleep better, feel more connected to the people around you, and help you relax both physically and mentally, allowing you to be more productive whilst revising.  Mindfulness practice incorporates breathing techniques, meditation and visualisation - you will be guided through this session by our experienced instructor.  Free sessions provided by UB Sport & Fitness and St Francis Hall Multi Faith Chaplaincy. Sign-up here

Yoga at Your Desk

This 20 minute session allows you to follow a sequence of seated stretches to ease the tension created during long periods of sitting.  Dedicated movements will help open your chest, allow movement through the spine, release tension in the neck and shoulders, as well as stretches for the fingers and wrists to release strain from repetitive typing. Free sessions provided by UB Sport & Fitness. Sign-up here

Revision and Exam Techniques

This 1 hour workshop offers you the opportunity to reflect on a range of tried and tested revision strategies, manage your time for the busiest period in the academic calendar and mitigate stress in the run-up to the exam period. Sign-up here.

Getting started on your dissertation or extended essay

This 1 hour workshop will introduce you to the range of resources we have available in your subject, and suggest ways in which you can find the most appropriate source material for your dissertation. Sign-up here

PAT Dogs Visits

Come meet Colin the Labrador, Stella the Sheepdog and others, as Pets As Therapy (PAT) visit the Orchard Library this exam season. The PAT dogs will help you take a moment to reinvigorate and destress, spending time with friendly animals.   Sign-up for a ten minute slot with a dog – each slot is for a maximum of two people, so do feel free to bring a friend with you (please only book a single time slot per day as we want to make sure as many of you get a chance to join in as possible).

What you'll find at the OLRC

As well as our programme, the OLRC offers 550 study spaces in a peaceful, quiet environment to help you revise:

  • Two dedicated silent study halls with over 400 seats
  • A newly refurbished PC cluster
  • Seven private study rooms (for individual use)
  • Café
  • Bookable group study room

How to get there

The OLRC is open to all University of Birmingham students and is a short walk from Selly Oak. Alternatively, you can catch the free shuttle bus that departs hourly from behind Main Library and only take seven minutes to reach the OLRC.



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