Trials month for library resources

Some of the resources available

February is trials month for library resources, and this year we have arranged trials for 49 archives, databases and e-journals. They cover a range of subject areas so there should be something of interest to most people. 

Please find full details in this brochure.  

All of the resources mentioned can be accessed via the Databases link in FindIt@Bham or using the links included on the brochure.

There are limited funds for new resources and so your feedback is essential to ensure that we spend the money wisely. 

If you would like us to purchase any of the resources included in this brochure then let us know.  Without feedback the resource will not go forward as a potential item for purchase.  Please provide as much detail as possible in your feedback e.g. which modules or research will it support?   A link to the feedback form can be found within the ‘Descriptions’ part on FindIt for each resource.  Alternatively go directly to it at: 

We will not trial these resources again for another 2 years so if you want them please fill out the form!

If you have any questions about the trials please contact the Library Engagement Advisor for your College: