Resource trials live for a variety of subjects

February is trials month, which means we have a range of electronic resources and databases for you to sample.

See our brochure for full details. Individual items can be accessed by searching on FindIt@Bham or by clicking the titles in the brochure.  

We decide what resources to purchase based on your feedback. If you find any of the databases useful, please let us know using our feedback form (you can also access the form from the "details" tab on the FindIt record of each resource).

Without feedback, an item will not be considered for purchase so please give us as much detail as possible. In particular it would be useful to know what module or research the resource will support. 

The resources on offer cover the following subjects:

  • Women and Gender Resources - includes archives of historical women's studies resources and an archive of historical LGBTQ primary materials.
  • Newspapers and Magazines - including parts of the British Library Newspapers collection, the UKPressOnline collection of newspapers from 1835 to the present day, several American newspaper and magazine collections as well as a women's magazine archive.
  • Performance and Music Resources - including a number of different audiovisual resources (including music and drama performances as well as film adaptions of plays) as well other music and drama resources.
  • Religion and Literature - including a variety of different databases containing literary primary sources as well as Islamic and Catholic religious writings.
  • Sciences, Technology and Medicine Resources - including parts of Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Science Technology and Medicine, Arcadian Library Online and JOVE (a database of online videos of scientific experiments). 
  • Medicine, Dentistry and Life Sciences - including the BMJ Best Practice tool, the Dental Trauma Guide and Northern Light Life Sciences Conference Abstracts
  • Law and Crime Resources - including Bloomsbury Professional Online - Law, The Making of Modern Law and Crime, Punishment and Popular Culture
  • Law, Politics and Security Resources - including a number of databases on Colonial Law in Africa, a collection of material on Apartheid, part II of the ACLU's papers and a collection of digitised secret files from the UK's National Archives.
  • The Latin American Studies ebook Collection
  • Oxford University Press's series of Very Short Introductions