OSCOLA referencing

Students undertaking modules in the School of Law should use the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) referencing style. This referencing system uses footnotes.

Reference list

At the end of a piece of work a table or list of cases used should appear, this should then be followed by a table a legislation which should list every statute that has been cited in the work. Sections 1.6 and 1.7 (pages 10 and 11) of the 4th edition OSCOLA guide provide further details.  These should then be followed by a bibliography listing all secondary sources used, arranged in alphabetical order by the lead author’s surname, further guidance can be found in section 1.7 of the 4th edition OSCOLA guide (pages 11 and 12). 

What to put in your text

Guidance on how to cite sources in-text and create footnotes can also be found in the 4th edition OSCOLA guide. OSCOLA also has two further guides, the Quick guide to OSCOLA which is one side long and gives at a glance examples, though the fuller guide will need to be referred to on a regular basis. If you need to reference international legal materials, such as documents from the UN, then the 2006 International Materials Guide will provide guidance for how to reference those correctly.

Further help