Part-time researcher workshop (Final steps)

This workshop is for part-time researchers who are nearing the end of their period of study and getting ready to submit their thesis. Whether you need support in editing and finishing your thesis, want tips on staying motivated, have queries about your viva exam or structuring your thesis, this workshop is for you. It’s also a great opportunity to meet and network with other part- time researchers, and find out what support services are available.

The workshop covers:

  • Editing and finishing your thesis

  • Structuring your thesis

  • Preparing for your viva

  • Careers

There will be plenty of time to ask questions and talk to other part-time researchers.

Skills and abilities

Attending this course will help develop skills in the following RDF sub-domains:

  • Knowledge base
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Self-management
  • Research management
  • Working with others


This workshop is aimed at postgraduate researchers towards the end of their research project; ideally you should be submitting your thesis in the next 18 months.

This workshop is organised in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Nottingham and the University of Birmingham and it is open to part-time researchers in both institutions.

Date and Location

Postgraduate researchers with disabilities

Please contact if you have any support requirements resulting from a physical, sensory or hidden disability, mental health or a specific learning difficulty. We would be happy to provide assistance to ensure your time with us is enjoyable.