Research methods in the arts and humanities (online)

This online course aims to develop your awareness of the practical and conceptual skills that support effective independent scholarly research in the arts and humanities. The goal is to help you understand the issues involved in making an informed choice about the research methodology and approach most suitable for your own specific project. 


Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • understand the meaning of research and research methodology in the humanities.
  • understand the dynamic relationships between your chosen research topic, the questions you ask and the methods you use.
  • recognise different research methodologies, and select those relevant or appropriate for your research topic and questions.
  • understand the place of different research methodologies in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts.

Skills and abilities

Completing this course will help develop skills in the following RDF sub-domains:

  • Knowledge base
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Research management
  • Creativity


This course is open to postgraduate researchers. You will need to log in using your University user name and password.

How to enrol

This is an online course in Canvas and is available year-round. Enrol on this course by entering your University ID and password when prompted.  If you have any queries please contact


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