The two day training course on ANSYS ICEM-CFD and CFX is intended for individuals wishing for an introduction to the ANSYS ICEM-CFD and CFX commercial packages and their applications and limitations. 

About the course

ANSYS ICEM CFD is a meshing package that provides a variety of flexible tools that can take the model from any geometry to any solver, in one modern and fully scriptable environment. The training course will help you explore the feature of the Software such as:

  • Construction or importing of 3D geometry or CAD files into ICEM
  • Clean-up of geometry
  • Hex and Tet meshing
  • Mesh diagnostics and editing
  • Output to CFD solver format  


ANSYS CFX is a powerful set of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software programs that allows solving CFD problems quickly and robustly. This two day course is designed to provide an all-round overview of the software, including:

  • Set a CFD case in CFX using CFX-Pre
  • How to set boundary conditions and turbulent modeling in CFX-Pre
  • How to add an equation, source term or user defined function in CFX-Pre.
  • How to set a multiphase case in CFX-Pre (free surface problems with VOF model)
  • How to run a CFX case in BlueBEAR in batch mode using CFX-Solver.
  • Visualize the results using CFX-Post.

Who is it for?

The course is developed as a primer course for new CFD users throughout the University. Research students who are using CFD or have intention to use CFD in their research and currently are not users of BlueBEAR are also welcome to register for the course. No previous experience of the software is required.


Basic knowledge of the concepts of CFD including discretising equations and turbulence models. 


2 days

How to book