E-textbook request

If an essential textbook is not available electronically on an institutional licence (i.e. limited to one user or three concurrent users), it may be available on an etextbook business model where pricing is based on the number of students on a module/programme.  This is not a model we currently support as it is extremely costly compared to the purchase of print or an institutional ebook licence. It will be very challenging to fund from existing budgets.

  • A core print textbook costs c. £35-£40. For a cohort of 100 students we would buy a minimum of 10 print copies of a core text, so the total cost of this title in print would be £350 for each new edition.                                                                 
  • eTextbooks cost around £10 less, so c.£25, but costs are based on the number of students on the modules using the book and are annual.  For 100 students the cost would be £2,500 per year.

As in all areas of teaching support funds are limited and need to be prioritised. We can only consider such requests where it would be impossible to teach the module without that specific title. That might be: a textbook upon which the course has been built and there is no suitable alternative; a primary text; or a seminal text. 

If you feel it is essential to provide access via this route, please complete the form below providing as much supporting evidence as possible.  This will form the basis of a business case for funding and will be considered alongside other new e-resource requests.

This form should only be used once a resource list has been reviewed for purchases by Library Services. The review will have identified which of the listed resources are available on institutional licences (i.e. one- or three-user).

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