Starleaf Guide

There are two main types of meeting, ad-hoc and scheduled, One-to-one meetings are best done using the ad-hoc method:

Ad-hoc Meetings

1. Open the Starleaf app on your computer or mobile device:


2. Click on the  ‘start Meeting’ button.

3. Then you will see the image from your camera, Check the audio and video settings and click ‘Join Meeting’ – you do have to join your own meeting

4. You then need to invite participants:


There are two choices – ‘Copy Link’ or ‘Send Email’. If your browser has a default email program choose the ‘Send Email’ and put in the email addresses you want to invite. Send the emails. The recipient just needs to join through the provided link. If this method does not work – probably because you are using webmail – click on the ‘Copy Link’ button and paste that link into your mail program into the email to your participants.

5. As you make more successful conferences your history list will grow. Highlight a previous participant in the meetings list. To start a video-conference just press the “Video” icon in the right-hand pane:


Scheduled Meetings

From the main Starleaf app screen click the ‘Schedule’ button:

  1. Type in the time and titles of the event. Request participants join by clicking the “Invitees” field. You can easily find registered users by beginning to type in – eg “Ger” will bring up all the “Geraldines” and “Geralds”. If you can’t see the name you want type in an email address – it can be any address not just a address.
  2. At the appointed time open the app, see the scheduled conference in your list and click “Join”. The others should join in a similar way or through an email link.

During a Meeting

To change settings during a conference, click in the top area of the window and a tool bar will appear:


  • Extra participants can be invited
  • You can show your desktop to the others
  • You can change the layout when there are more than 2 participants


Streaming your presentation to up to 500 viewers  through a simple weblink is  possible. Contact LRAT to have this set up for you.


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