About lecture capture


Lecture Capture is a way of recording lectures using the Panopto software which is an easy to use recording tool. It creates an integrated package including audio and data projection within teaching spaces which will be automatically released on to Canvas. The revised Code of Practice for Lecture Capture and Online Learning Support recognises and acknowledges that:

  • not all teaching styles are suitable for capture e.g. if a high degree of audience interactivity is used
  • staff are encouraged to use their preferred teaching style. There is no requirement to change teaching style for the purpose of recording as that can be detrimental to the student experience.
  • ethical issues, or the use of sensitive material may render the recording of some teaching and learning activities as being inappropriate
  • support will be required to investigate and implement ways of capturing all teaching styles

The Panopto Working Group agreed that alternative forms of online learning support can also be helpful for students as long as they are accessible and detailed, and recognise the particular needs of those students who face the most challenges in the traditional lecture situation.


Our students have pleaded with us to find ways to increase the number of lectures that we capture through Panopto so that provision is more equitable across campus. At the moment, some of our students are very well supported in their learning because all their lectures are recorded, while others find that provision is sporadic. In many cases, our communication to students is poor so they have no idea which sessions will/will not be recorded or why.  

The revised Code of Practice comes into effect from September. The aim is to increase the number and quality of lecture recordings, or to ensure that alternative forms of online support are made available where staff prefer not to record. A new Canvas module cover sheet is to be used for all modules to ensure that students have clear information in advance about the type of learning support they can expect. Clear communication with students is an essential feature of the Code.

It is worth remembering that the revised Code is designed to support students to learn in ways that are familiar to them as contemporary learners, and to provide better support to those students who face particular learning challenges in the traditional lecture format.

Further guidance and support on Lecture Capture can be found on the HEFi Learning and Teaching Gateway


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