Alternative forms of online learning support

Lecture Capture provides an easy to use solution for creating and delivering multimedia content as is clear in the Code of Practice for Lecture Capture and Online Learning Support,  however you can also provide alternative forms of support if you wish to do so. Examples include:

  • detailed lecture notes
  • enhanced notes supporting slide
  • a podcast that provides a commentary on the lecture slides
  • a short video explaining the session

Whichever option you choose, we will:

  • ensure we have a consistent level of support for learning across campus
  • meet the diverse learning needs of students
  • recognise the expectations of contemporary students


It is understood that the expectations of students vary across disciplines and that an alternative form of support appropriate for one programme of study or even one session may not be the same as that required for another. Module Leaders will be responsible for checking that each session on their module meets the requirement of the Code and the discipline, and that students have the signposting they need. If in doubt, it is worth discussing these issues with your students as they will be able to tell you what they find most helpful in supporting their learning.

A module overview sheet  should accompany every module on Canvas so that students are better informed about whether Lecture Capture or an alternative form of support will be available for each session. An icon list has also been included on the sheet to provide a guide on the types of material that can support learning. 


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