Benefits to Students

Lecture Capture has been used widely across the University since its introduction. It is popular with students, and provides a number of important learning benefits such as:

  • ability for students to recap on theories or concepts;
  • ability for students to revisit points they haven’t understood;
  • ability to support students with specific educational needs
  • ability to support students who do not have English as their first language
  • support to students whose prior educational background may make transition to university more difficult in the initial stages;
  • support for students who are unable to attend lectures due to illness, chronic conditions or caring responsibilities that can result in unplanned absences from lectures;
  • support for students who may find it difficult to take notes;
  • revision for examinations and assignments;

Research has shown that students benefit from the use of Lecture Capture. It adds consistency across all modules and helps their overall student experience – feedback from students shows that they find the consistent use of tools across all modules and departments preferable.






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