Getting started and support

Lecture Capture is available in centrally-managed spaces which means you can record your lectures and have them automatically released on to Canvas and be available to students to view and/or download. Recordings in all these spaces will capture audio with a boundary microphone and/or lapel microphone, and everything that is projected. It will run for 60 minutes as default.

To set up Lecture Capture, please follow these steps:

Before the lecture

  1. Activate Canvas course
  2. Enable Panopto
  3. Provision folder (if your recording relates to one or more programme module per Canvas course, please contact your College Tel Hub to set up)

During the lecture

To record using lectern PC and onscreen icon*:

  1. Log on to lectern PC
  2. Announce lecture is going to be recorded
  3. Right click on-screen icon and start recording (light will turn green after approximately two seconds)
  4. Right click on-screen icon to pause (light will immediately turn amber)
  5. Right click on-screen icon to re-start recording (light will turn green)
  6. Right click on-screen icon to end recording (light will turn off in approximately two seconds)
  7. Store file on desktop and log off lectern PC

Lecture Capture will record for 60 minutes as default. This has been selected as most lectures do not exceed this duration. If you wish to extend your recording once it has stopped, simply repeat steps 3 to 5 and do not forget to end the recording if the extension is less than 60 minutes in duration.    

* Own devices are not supported therefore please test your own setup beforehand

After the lecture

  1. Recording will automatically be released on to Canvas {edits can still be made once released}

If you wish to record visualisers and whiteboards, please use the old method of recording. 

User Guides on all the above can be found on the Professional Development Gateway.


For any issues, please visit the Professional Development Gateway for guidance in the first instance. If your issue remains unresolved please contact:


Professional Services