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The PASS team at the University of Birmingham collaborate with academic staff based in schools and colleges. The PASS team provide strategic direction, a quality assurance framework and operational support. Academic staff provide operational support and academic guidance in order for PASS to be integrated into the discipline.   

Supporting the University

The PASS rationale is based on enhancing the student experience through supporting the transition to study within a culture based upon independent learning and research. In addition to supporting the learning culture at Birmingham, PASS supports the University's:

  • Strategic Framework through providing our students with a distinctive, high quality experience and being the destination of choice amongst our peers
  • Curriculum Review
  • Widening Participation Strategy (WPSA)
  • developments to facilitate the personalisation and inclusivity of the student learning experience
  • employability strategy by providing opportunities for PASS leaders to gain credits as part of the Personal Skills Award (PSA)

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