Eleanor Dobson

PASS Leader 2011-12


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Introductory Statement

Eleanor was a PASS Leader in 2011-12. She graduated with a 1st class degree in 2013.


1. What attracted you to getting involved in PASS?

PASS provided the opportunity to work with other like minded people, and to share and hear new ideas with other students from my faculty. It also gave me the chance to discuss the subject and works that I love, and to remind myself of the texts and concepts I had encountered in my first year of study.

2. Tell me a bit about the activities you have been involved in with PASS.

I attended training with the PASS team at the university, and following this as a PASS leader I attended and organised weekly sessions for students from the first year of my course. During the sessions I and the other PASS leader conducted PASS sessions in an informal environment where we worked with first year students to develop and challenge their thinking.

3.  What skills have you developed as a result of being involved in PASS?

As a result of PASS I have developed my organisational and presentational skills, I have also developed my interpersonal skills.

4. How do you think your experience will help you when you start to look for your graduate career?

I am looking to enter the creative industries as a director after I graduate from The University of Birmingham, and the PASS scheme has enabled me to become an approachable individual who is aware of the requirements of a professional environment. PASS placed me in a position of responsibility and in situations where I was required to workshop ideas with other students, which are invaluable skills for someone who aims to work within the arts, as the work of the creative industries is largely collaborative. In addition, the development of my presentational and organisational skills through the procedure of PASS sessions is also something that is a valuable experience for the future and for the demands of a professional environment.

5. What have you learned about yourself?

I have learnt that I like to work collaboratively, and that the real pleasure that I took from sessions was when I heard new ideas from other students that challenged your own thinking, from PASS I have learnt that I like to hear the unexpected.

6.  Would you recommend PASS to other students?

I would definitely recommend PASS to other students, the experience of meeting new people from across the university and not just those confined to your own faculty was one I really enjoyed, and to see the students who take part in your PASS sessions place trust in you and develop their own thinking and ideas as a result is an experience second to none.