Mita Desai

PASS Leader

Social Policy

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Introductory Statement

Mita Desai was a PASS Leader for Social Policy. She graduated with a 2:1 in 2012.


1.What attracted you to getting involved in PASS?

 I first heard about PASS in my first year, when there was a shout out in one of my lectures that told us there was a peer led session taking place to help us with our degree. Having gone to the sessions I was extremely grateful to the pass leaders; as it was so useful to have someone there, who had been through it all. Having gained so much from the sessions I wanted to volunteer so I could have the same effect on other first years.

2. Tell me a bit about the activities you have been involved in with PASS.

As a group:

Meeting with students as a group on the basis of what they wanted; ranging from exam preparation, time management to essay writing skills.

On an individual basis:

Meeting with students individually to look at essay feedback and discussed ways to improve.


On the Facebook group post news stories/ videos that are useful for their course.

Occasionally make youtube videos with information related to their course. With each video having on average 85 views, it allows for PASS to engage people who are not as proactive to go to the meetings but still see the benefits of PASS.

3. What skills have you developed as a result of being involved in PASS?

 Organisational skills – booking rooms, arranging meetings & planning sessions.

Communication skills – Being able to facilitate a session and communicate online to students.

Creativity – Because PASS is a youth led programme it allows you to take ownership and use your creativity to your best ability

4. How do you think your experience will help you when you start to look for your graduate career?

I aspire to enrol on the teach first programme and I feel this experience would beneficial to my application.

5. What have you learned about yourself?

I really love facilitating, thinking about how people can be best engaged and planning sessions!

6. Would you recommend PASS to other students?

Yes! I joined pass to get the cliché warm fuzzy feeling inside from making a difference and I ended up gaining/developing a variety of useful skills as well as getting to meet lovely people!