Muqaddas Javed

Muqaddas Javed

PASS Leader

Accounting & Finance

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Introductory Statement

Muqaddas was a PASS Leader for the Basic Accounting Module. He graduated with a 1st class degree in 2012.


1. What attracted you to getting involved in PASS?

 I wanted to stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs and the PASS scheme seemed like the perfect opportunity to improve my employability and help people at the same time.

2. Tell me a bit about the activities you have been involved in with PASS.

 A typical PASS session could involve a number of activities such as presenting in front of students or guiding a group discussion on a topic that students are struggling with.

3. What skills have you developed as a result of being involved in PASS?

By running the PASS sessions I have gained leadership and interpersonal skills by directing discussions and encouraging collaborative learning. Additionally, I have also improved my cultural awareness since a variety of different students from different backgrounds attend. PASS has also helped me to improve my time management and organisational skills through the preparation of the sessions.

4. How do you think your experience will help you when you start to look for your graduate career?

I have the opportunity to bring in my PASS experiences when answering competency questions during job applications and interviews, and since the skills I have gained are transferable, they can be applied to almost any question. For example I could apply my experiences as a PASS leader in any of the questions below:

 “Describe a time when you solved a difficult problem?”

“Describe a time when you have been part of a team and had to encourage the group to work towards a shared goal?”

“How have you developed your leadership skills?”

 Furthermore by running PASS sessions I have improved my presentation skills which are well sought by graduate employers.

5. What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that I approach problems from a different angle

6. Would you recommend PASS to other students?