What is PASS?

The PASS scheme involves higher year students helping first-year students with their study across an academic module. It is successful because it is discipline-owned and student-led. PASS is part of a recognised National and International network.

How it works

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) give students an opportunity to work together and discuss their learning. Sessions are typically weekly, one hour, small study groups for students who are new to an academic module. Sessions are facilitated by student Leaders in higher years.

PASS Leaders

PASS Leaders are trained facilitators who support groups of student participants in lower years by helping them find solutions to academic problems through discussions and guided questioning. PASS does not replace teaching by staff, but rather offers another opportunity for students to build confidence and consolidate their learning.

PASS Leaders encourage active learning in an informal, friendly and fun environment.

What PASS offers first-year students

PASS offers a safe, friendly space to help students:

  • Enhance their understanding of the subject matter of their course through collaborative learning
  • Adjust quickly to University life
  • Improve their study habits
  • Enhance their awareness of the course direction and expectation

What our students say 

"PASS was the best thing that could have happened to me academically and for the first time I am actually enjoying education."

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The Personal Skills Award

We support the Personal Skills Award (PSA), the University’s award winning employability programme for undergraduate students.


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