Buildings managed by TAMU

TAMU Buildings

There are buildings on campus where TAMU acts as building manager as the great majority of rooms therein are centrally managed teaching space.

These buildings are:

  • Murray Learning Centre (LG and UG only)
  • Nuffield
  • Strathcona
  • Teaching and Learning Building 
  • Gisbert Kapp
  • Old Gym (LG and G only)
  • JG Smith
  • Main Library

In these locations we look after:

  • access control (sometimes known as Cardax or Gallagher)
  • digital signage
  • fire checks and drills
  • building faults in common areas and teaching rooms
  • cleaning
  • locking and unlocking

 - often in collaboration with other professional services such as Cleaning, Security and Estates Maintenance. 

Please contact us on x43322 or if you have any problems in these buildings.


Professional Services