Below are a selection of frequently asked questions about the Grade Point Average system.

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What is my GPA score and how is this calculated?

Grade Point Average or GPA is a score calculated using the same module and stage weightings used to calculate your degree classification. Your overall mark will be assigned a GPA value using the single GPA scale for Higher Education.

Which GPA scale will be used?

Your GPA score will be calculated using the single GPA scale for Higher Education:

 Grade Mark Grade Point
 A+  ≥75  4.25
 A  71-74  4
 A-  67-70  3.75
 B+  64-66  3.5
 B  61-63  3.25
 B-  57-60  3
 C+  54-56  2.75
 C  50-53  2.5
 C-  48-49  2.25
 D+  43-47  2
 D  40-42  1.5
 D-  38-39  1
 F+  35-37  0.75
 F  30-34  0.5
 F-  ≥29  0


What are the benefits of GPA?

The GPA provides more granularity than the current Honours Degree Classification system. The GPA is more easily recognised by international employers and overseas institutions, thus providing you with more mobility and graduate employment opportunities overseas.

Will my GPA score appear on my transcript or degree certificate?

No, your GPA score will not appear on your transcript or degree certificate. Your GPA score will be provided on a separate document, along with your Cum Laude award (if applicable) and your weighted mean mark.

Will I still get an Honours Degree Classification?

The introduction of optional GPA certificates will not mean any change to the classifications, transcript and certificate provision, that University of Birmingham students have received for many years.  All undergraduate students on classified Honours degree programmes will still be awarded a degree classification that will be included on the degree certificate and transcript.

Will all students get a GPA score?

GPA scores will not be calculated for students on unclassified Undergraduate degree programmes, such as the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Dental Surgery programmes.

Will GPA be compulsory?

Receiving a GPA and accompanying certificate will be entirely optional.

Your GPA and Cum Laude award (if applicable) will be automatically calculated, alongside your Honours Degree Classification from summer 2019. However, we will only share this information with third parties with your permission and we will only provide you with the document containing your GPA score, Cum Laude award (if applicable) and weighted mean mark on request. Your other documents (transcript and degree certificate) will not include your GPA score.

How do I request my GPA certificate?

Information about how to request this document will be sent to you by email during week commencing 22nd June 2019, following the release of your marks and degree classification.